OC has MAJOR bug in new script

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10-02-2006 14:41:06

Ok finished a few of the sites last night. WOO HOO

So I filed for my gifts and was approved on all.

Well on psps4free I decided to go for the 2nd gift. I clicked the link and guess what???

The person I joined under lost my GREEN.

So I dont suggest anyone click the link to repeat the site until the bug is fixed.


10-02-2006 14:50:35

My god... it was a sinister trick all along...


10-02-2006 18:07:56

[quote76881bb32e="ilanbg"]My god... it was a sinister trick all along...[/quote76881bb32e]

Yea me and my friend are thinkign maybe not bug. Since most people just post links etc. They wouldnt have anyone to complain to if they lose a green.

Only on the forums do we have that ability, hmmmmmmmm