$100 from OfferCentric!

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09-02-2006 11:34:37

I just got $100 from OfferCentric as a prize a recent member photo contest they had!

I sent them a picture of my notebooks4free prize and I ended up winning )


09-02-2006 12:33:43

It was either you or the other guy that completed it )


09-02-2006 12:54:45

LOL ) $100 bucks for sending in a pic, I'll take that anyday.

maybe I can call myself a professional photographer now )

[quote2be24259da]Congratulations Rodney!

You were randomly selected as our member photo contest winner.

Thank you for your photo and for participating in our contest. Please
email us your PayPal email address and we will send you your $100 prize
with our next batch of PayPal payments.

Thanks again and enjoy your prize.

Member Services
OfferCentric LLC[/quote2be24259da]


09-02-2006 13:53:42



09-02-2006 18:01:54

congrats enjoy the $100.