Wow new thing on office centric...

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08-02-2006 19:17:32

I looked through but didn't see a post about it (I may be blind) but if you complete a gift, you can select another gift and go through the site again (as in i just got a razr phone and a 30 gig ipod and now i can get another phone and another ipod through the two sites) it says earn another gift and you go and select a new gift.


08-02-2006 19:25:25

or funny thought seeing as I havent' done it much, was this always an option?


08-02-2006 20:32:14

Wasn't always an option to my knowledge.


08-02-2006 21:47:28

Just noticed that too. Awsome! D


08-02-2006 21:53:17

yeah, OC lets you complete a site more than once. wish freepay was the same. i also wish OC had t-shirts |


09-02-2006 01:01:55

Jesus Christ......PRAISE THE LORD! lol

If they'd only remove the OsOD, I'd be their bitch forever....

Unless licoughli , Freepay will vie for my affections as well. ;)


09-02-2006 14:21:13

Nice find, too bad they won't let you do notebooks or macminis again


09-02-2006 14:48:04

Wow cool, great find but I don't think I want to go through the drama of going through mp3players4free again.


09-02-2006 17:08:50

[quotef3b1b32665="ragefu"]Nice find, too bad they won't let you do notebooks or macminis again[/quotef3b1b32665]


Nevermind... cry


19-03-2006 10:54:58

When you do this, do you sign up all over again like you did the first time? Or, do you just start collecting refs again?


19-03-2006 11:09:42

you just start collecting refs again.. you can't sign up under a new ref


19-03-2006 12:35:11

I hope they do this for laptops....because I could still be their bitch. ;)