News about Shipping Times

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14-11-2004 16:32:34


The latest shipment taking a bit longer than the previous ones but only by about 4-5 days. So instead of it being a week from the last shipment it's a little less than two.

This is mainly because we are working on bringing on a new big vendor and trying to automate the order process more with our existing vendors. There may be some similar delays with the next shipment but by Dec we should have everything smoothed out.

These delays will be well worth it in the long run as our new vendor and automation changes will allow us to ship items 2-3 times a week depending on the item.[/quote87a4777187]

Sounds like good news. D


14-11-2004 16:36:43

You just wanted people to go to your forums, that's why you didn't copy and paste.


14-11-2004 16:40:11

Okay then, i edited it.