New Terms & Conditions

Live forum:


06-02-2006 20:46:26

Just noticed they are asking me to agree to new terms and conditions. What's changed?


06-02-2006 20:49:17

they never asked me

what site are you talking about


06-02-2006 20:51:02

It just popped up on NB4F.

Reading it now....only thing that pops out so far is that you can be in the UK.

Is that new?


06-02-2006 20:53:37

If you look at the fine print you can acutally see that they now have the obligation to DQ people at random. wink


06-02-2006 20:54:59



07-02-2006 12:57:31

So, no one else? (Seems odd)


07-02-2006 15:55:37

I haven't seen any new T&C, but I've already finished NB4F.

Could be due to their new different low/mid/high laptop levels and possible increased referral requirements for the highend models.

I would have waited to get the MacBook since I ended up with 20+ greens anyway


07-02-2006 16:02:06

That would seem to be the reason. (You beat me to the post)

For me, I feel like I'm in the think you're out, but they keep pulling you back in. I don't know what my plans are, but if everything beyond 18 refs will be OsOD, I may cashout.