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05-02-2006 22:37:48

They appear to offer very high cash amounts, from what I have seen. $1500 for 22 referrals at plasmas4free.com and $1050 for 18 referrals at notebooks4free.com. If these sites give such high amounts of cash, why do people still complete offers that are not worth as much?


06-02-2006 00:48:24

Referrals can be hard to get

Offer Centric has offer of death.


06-02-2006 04:20:03

[quote8eb4574b56="CoMpFrEaK"]Offer Centric has offer of death.[/quote8eb4574b56]

It's [i8eb4574b56]Death[/i8eb4574b56] now? shock

"Doom" sounded as if you might survive, but end up with chlamydia or something...then again, maybe death [i8eb4574b56]is[/i8eb4574b56] better.... wink


06-02-2006 07:16:18

the not proven legit sites like oc are harder to do.. )


06-02-2006 16:59:00

I think OC has been proven to have actually given out gifts, but that their crediting process is somewhat suspect.

I wouldn't go as far as saying "not proven legit" though.


06-02-2006 17:17:47

I did mp3players4free and mobilephones4free, both went through with no DQ's and got my ipod today...maybe they are just more suspicious with the more expensive gifts.