OfferCentric is being generous!! $475 for xbox3604free!

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26-01-2006 20:13:15

OfferCEntric just sent me this email...I am definitely going to take up this offer! $475 for people who completed!! wow!!

[quoteb88fea4947="OfferCentric"]Dear member,

Due to extremely limited supply of Xbox 360s, we would like to offer you
the choice of continuing to remain on the back order list or receive a
payment and attempt to purchase your own at a local retailer or use as you
wish. The cash payout consists of $400 to cover the cost of an Xbox 360
Premium console plus $20 to help cover the cost of sales tax.

As an added gift for your patience in this matter, we will raise the cash
payment by an additional $55, enough for a 12 month Xbox Live Gold
subscription or a game.

If you'd like to receive the $475 cash gift via PayPal, please email us at and we will make the change to your account.

Should you decide to remain on the back order list, we will continue to do
our best to procure Xbox 360s as soon as possible. Current estimates
indicate that it will be March before they are available in any quantity.

We apologize for the wait period and appreciate your patience.


Steven Holmes
OfferCentric LLC[/quoteb88fea4947]


26-01-2006 20:17:10

HOLY CRAP, I'M ON THIS SITE ASAP! or is it only for people who have completed it?!?!


26-01-2006 20:18:27

I am not sure...


26-01-2006 20:24:42

That's pretty considerate of them.


26-01-2006 20:45:06

That's the first nice thing I've seen OC a really long time.


26-01-2006 21:10:54

Wait. OC did this? wow.....I'm impressed.


26-01-2006 21:19:42

They'd [i7879765f51]really[/i7879765f51] impress me if they gave me some more greens. )


27-01-2006 18:48:46

[quoteb26b84afe6="Tholek"]They'd [ib26b84afe6]really[/ib26b84afe6] impress me if they gave me some more greens. )[/quoteb26b84afe6]

wink lol company that gives me greens is good in my book!


30-01-2006 09:50:49

[quote8a008c01c8="tylerc"]That's the first nice thing I've seen OC a really long time.[/quote8a008c01c8]
Same here. Maybe it's the newer sites they care about and forgetting about the older sites like mp3players4free.