So I was waiting for confirmation...

Live forum:


11-11-2004 11:06:34

And I got put on hold. Crap.

I sent a help email, and two of my referrals got kicked out for not being unique. I had my friends send in emails too and now we're waiting on the replies.

The only thing I can think of is that I set them up with email accounts through my ISP, since they didn't want to use their own and I figured it would be better than hotmail or yahoo. But they used different computers, they live apart (in different cities).

What do you guys think, am I just going to have to get new people?


11-11-2004 11:35:16

One of my friends got a reply, and she's still good to go, but she my referral's still cancelled...and they didn't say why.

Hmm...any thoughts?