Efax offer problems?

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10-11-2004 20:09:46

I did the eFax and was offer pending as of 11-1. They took it down I believe on 11-4, and put it back up on 11-7 or so saying it would get credit if it was done. Yesterday I sent the request credit support email out (11-9) and I might be a little anal, but I think after almost 10 days they would have it up by now? Anyone else with a similar problem or anyone who had this happen and knows what to do?


10-11-2004 20:13:13

Aw shit, as soon as I posted this I saw another one like this. (general offer problems) FOR THE RECORD I did look to see if there were any of them and this one slipped by. Lock this if you want, but id prefer if you left it open so other Efaxers can post it up here.