Approved... Order placed 11/9

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09-11-2004 22:16:22

Hey guys, I just got an email earlier today saying i was approved. I just placed my order a second ago. Do y'all know how long it takes them to actually order it and send me my tracking number?

Also, how long does it usually take for the order to get to your front door?

thanks a bunch.


10-11-2004 11:35:42



10-11-2004 12:21:00

well, i'll put it this way... it would probably be faster for you to go out, get a job, and work once a week for the money to buy an ipod than to wait it out at this point. in other words, find something to occupy your time, because you're in for the long haul.


10-11-2004 13:57:04

i'm in school right now so that's what occupies my time. but i was under the impression that offercentric was fairly fast getting it to you.