One of my referrals disqualified?

Live forum:


09-11-2004 22:10:58

I don't understand this... one of my referrals, who I litterally walked through the process was just disqualified. (they say i'm not on hold, but that I have to get another referral) This is really pissing me off.


09-11-2004 22:27:24

then how would you feel if 2 of your referrals were disqualified ? i had 6 greens , now back to 4. someone did an AOL with MusicNet today for me . i hope it turns green tomorrow!


09-11-2004 22:53:33

4 people say they have all completed an offer on mine but only 2 are green so far! Hope the other 2 turn green pretty soon.


10-11-2004 13:30:26

that sux, office centric AND gratis are abusing their costomers, they need some compitition from another site that will give instant credit and ship on time. maybe im a dreamer, but im not the only one.