help on OC psp

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09-01-2006 15:38:29

hi i need some help, this is the last offer for OC psp, so i'm assuming its OODs, but any1 can give me any sugesstions on whichi 1 is the cheapest and eaziest to do? i'd greatly appreciate it, thanks!


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09-01-2006 15:44:50

Lassesters casino maybe?


09-01-2006 18:13:34

casino? that's what i'd go with. i still need 1 more green for mp3 players!


09-01-2006 23:04:31

[quote30332ef8f6="Iloveipods2"]casino? that's what i'd go with. i still need 1 more green for mp3 players![/quote30332ef8f6]

If you need a green and are willing to pay good money for it i'll do it


10-01-2006 13:18:09

How much are you asking at?


13-01-2006 23:59:12

[quote0afe8df6e2="CoMpFrEaK"][quote0afe8df6e2="Iloveipods2"]casino? that's what i'd go with. i still need 1 more green for mp3 players![/quote0afe8df6e2]

If you need a green and are willing to pay good money for it i'll do it[/quote0afe8df6e2]

hahaha you gotta be kidding me, pay for a ref to get a freebie?!?!? i've never worked over an hour or paid a single cent to get my refs and don't plan on it. thanks, but no thanks


14-01-2006 04:10:41

Well, good luck finding someone to do OOD for you.

I don't know if you just live under rocks or don't look at the Trading Post, because people pay all the time.


14-01-2006 06:54:20

haha good luck finishing that then.