I.Q. Test Question

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08-01-2006 10:37:32

Do you have to order results to get credit?

Also, how long does this offer typically take to give credit?


08-01-2006 10:58:38

Usually instant, you have to order results.


17-01-2006 09:51:10

I just did it and it was not instant on pvps4free.


17-01-2006 15:30:56

Sometimes instant can take a few minutes.


18-01-2006 09:23:17

I entered my credit request today 5 minutes too early and it denied it and told me to wait a full day. I can try it again now its been 24 hours and 28 minutes now.


18-01-2006 09:47:55

It was instant for me. It was also fairly interesting to read. Out of curiosity, can you do this site more than once for credit if done on different sites? This is just a curiosity question.