decided to switch over to the offercentric

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09-11-2004 04:38:53

hey guys, the gratis freeipods is giving me too much grief... might as well try the offercentric... any good congas u guys would recommend??

pm me please...

mod, if im not allowed to post this u can delete the thread thanks!



18-11-2004 11:01:29

i have also made the big switch...i don't think my iPod is ever going to get shipped by Gratis... please PM congas to me...dangerous if you find one PM me...thanks


18-11-2004 11:13:44

I didn't make a big switch. I'm just doing EVERYTHING and see which one comes out best ).


18-11-2004 21:36:32

lol that works too, i can't find a good offer on there tho x


18-11-2004 23:25:16

I was lucky to do it that one day that eBay was up D


19-11-2004 06:06:15

I did stamps and blockbuster, and efax too for their diff. most good offers are gone...