completed offer issue?

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08-11-2004 16:45:34

anyone here having trouble receiving credit for a offer they completed or have been waiting for more than 5 days for an offer to show up as complete? if you have, please post what offer you completed and when you completed it.


08-11-2004 18:00:54

I've been trying to get credit for completing since 10/25, which is 15 days already. I emailed them, and filled out the form in the help section with the confirmation email attached twice. This is on DVRs4free account. I still haven't been credited, even though the form says it takes 2 to 5 days to process. I sent another completed form in today.


08-11-2004 19:03:53

I did ebay and didnt get credit
then i did and got credit in a few days

I have a feeling their tracking system doesn't work too well...


08-11-2004 21:59:14

i did efax when it was available and it still says pending since 10/27. i sent them a message thru their help/faq link but they haven't responded with an email or anything.


08-11-2004 22:03:51

I did ebay when it was up for that 1 or 2 special days and then it went down. I emailed them and said I would still get credit. I got credit the next day ).


09-11-2004 04:52:22

I did eBay and never got credit even after sending confirmation emails. I did eFax on 11/2 and nothing so far. I also did Friday...And nothing. I have sent in confirmation twice for eFax...And nothing. I'm starting to get real frustrated with this.


09-11-2004 09:18:15

I just started with offercentric from and all these posts about not getting credit are starting to make me wonder. For those of you who have done both, which one do you think is better? I heard offercentric ships faster but it sounds like you don't get credit for what you do. Also, are people here having problems with being put on hold for no apparent reason like does?


09-11-2004 10:34:33

I'm at the same level of frustration with OfferCentric and getting credit.

It's sounding like they are taking their sweet time giving credit for offers. They should be more on top of this than anything. I like these sites and it's very nice to have an alternative to Gratis... but if people are going to have to wait for 2-3 weeks to get credit for most of these offers, it's going to slow their business and new customer base.

Yes, they are free, but in return, when someone gets one of these freebies, this is a great way to draw new people to your site.

For me, Bonnie is waiting on her offer to get credit for her as well as giving me my first green for DVRs4free.. I'm no hurry and I appreciate all of the efforts being done, but I'm also in the same boat with my PVP account and waiting to get credit for NetFlix. Every day, they update at 12 noon and 12 midnight, but so far, it's been 10 days since any changes on any of the my 3 OfferCentric accounts.

This is an issue and regardless it's it's free or not and regardless if I'm not in any hurry at this time to complete, the frustration from waiting for credits to go green is more than it should be.