New York Times (help!)

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06-11-2004 20:14:07

hey i just signed up for this, how do i cancel without getting charged? when i completed i got this message

Thank you for your subscription. You will be billed for 13 weeks in advance. With The New York Times delivered by mail to your home, you'll get compelling news, views, and information you won't find anywhere else. Expect the World

damn i did the math thats alot! if i cancel will they refund the money?


06-11-2004 21:29:37

why the hell did you do NY Times! efax efax efax!


06-11-2004 22:03:14

Probably not.
You seem out of luck.

Just pay for it, and enjoy the paper, it's a good one.


06-11-2004 22:25:51

efax is gone (


06-11-2004 22:34:08

eFax is gone indeed... (


07-11-2004 08:36:32

What ! damn i assumed it was the same as the gratis sites, and it would just charge per paper!
oh man this sucks, its gonna cost over a houndred dollars. if someone knows a clever way around this please do tell.


07-11-2004 12:06:44

I recommend calling the NYTimes people...tell them something came up suddenly, you aren't going to be able to afford the subscription to the newspaper after all, and say you really really need to cancel it. Tell them you'll pay for the first paper, if you need to, but can't afford the whole subscription. The NYTimes people are the ones that are going to be able to help you...there isn't anything any of us can do about it.


07-11-2004 18:41:17

i called , everythings ok, they said whenever i cancel the will credit me for the papers i didnt recieve. we'll see..