Is IpodShuffles4Free still good?

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11-12-2005 23:07:13

Its been about 9 months since I've completed an offer at ipod shuffles, however I've been stuck on getting that last ref. Anyways, I check their list of sites and ipod shuffles isn't listed. I mean, the site is still running, its just not listed on their "More Free Stuff" pulldown menu. Anyone know they're still offering it? If they are, anyone interested in trading?


12-12-2005 03:37:19

i think so, same w/ not on drop down menu, but i know the site exists.

Freddy Fred

26-01-2006 08:27:41

Looks like when you sign up, you need 3 referrals. When your referrals sign up they need 4! That's bad. I'll stick with FREEPAY from now on. Never had a problem with them.


26-01-2006 09:04:49

That's not bad, they just increased the referral requirements.

That doesn't mean OC is good, but that's not one of the reasons it isn't.