11/1 Processing

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05-11-2004 18:59:26

i am 11/1 processing and still not shipped. i heard it usually takes 2-3 days. Anyone else in same boat?


05-11-2004 21:09:34

? im 10/28 ordered.. and im still at order processing.. they sent me this email this morning..

"Hey xxxxxx,

Your iRiver was sent to our vendor yesterday and probably shipped last
night. We will update your account with tracking numbers today. Please
be patient. We understand you are very excited.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services"

They didn't update the tracking numbers yet..


05-11-2004 22:34:02

im 11/2 processing for shipping. Shipping status has not changed yet.


05-11-2004 22:49:11

I'm 11/5 and my just says "Order Placed" D


05-11-2004 23:19:00

I am 1104 and it just says Order Placed too D


06-11-2004 00:40:10

i received the same email saying that my ipod has been shipped and that tracking number will be updated today. but when i looked -- it STILL wasn't there so i emailed them. here's their reply


All orders have been shipped. We are currently waiting on tracking numbers
from our vendor. Usually the tracking numbers are too new to be in the UPS
system. We will notify you as soon as the information is available.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services[/quotec5d601f82c]



06-11-2004 16:07:38

man this suck. i am on of those 10/13 STV in FIP.com and STV up in here. it'll be cool to get both at the same time though. ) thats if i get any. If u ship or anything, keep up updated plz.


08-11-2004 06:53:10

I've been waiting for about 3 days now, and still no tracking number. I hope OfferCentric isnt turning into the "new Gratis" in terms of shipping. Because, they are shipping them from ecost.com, which seems to slow down things.

EDIT It's only been 3 Business Days!


08-11-2004 13:38:11

The status changed!!! mine shipped!! Actualy it shipped on 4th but status didnt change.


08-11-2004 15:29:34

sweet, that means I should be shipping soon too! I ordered on 11/2


08-11-2004 15:36:26

[quote030db58582="ipodrules"]The status changed!!! mine shipped!! Actualy it shipped on 4th but status didnt change.[/quote030db58582]

did you get an email telling you that the status changed to shipped?


08-11-2004 16:19:28

Yes i did


08-11-2004 16:23:04

email==xxxxxx@gmail.comxxxxxx@gmail.com=xxxxxx@gmail.comxxxxxx@gmail.com/email, your H320 MP3 Player w/ 20GB Hard Drive has been shipped! Please allow 10 business days for delivery.

Tracking # 1Z3xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In order to protect the privacy of our company and its employees,
please take note of the following

DO NOT post any company information.
This includes shipping, billing, and/or credit card information.

DO NOT scan and post packing slip information.

Please understand our privacy is important and we reserve the right to enforce this accordingly.

Enjoy your free gifts!

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services


08-11-2004 16:28:13

ok cool



08-11-2004 20:42:12

i got a tracking number today as well. it's scheduled to be here on friday.