shipping addresses

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05-11-2004 15:52:42

Okay, so I completed my offer, and got all my referrals for cameras4free, and now my account is being reviewed. Eventually I will get prompted to enter a shipping address, I'm assuming. Does this have to be the SAME shipping address I used to sign up for the offers?

For example, I signed up and got credit for the Nexiderm offer, and I gave Nexiderm my college address to ship the product to. But I would like to have my free camera shipped to my HOME address (my parents' house), just to make sure I don't have problems getting it to me with the whole university mailboxes and such. I am positive no one in my parents household has signed up for this offer (or any OfferCentric offers for that matter) so that won't be a problem. But they won't check to make sure it is the same address I used for Nexiderm, will they?

I just want to make sure I don't do anything wrong and screw this all up at the last minute...


05-11-2004 18:42:17

You should be OK.