Best offer to do? I've already done..

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05-11-2004 14:11:52

I've already done Blockbuster, eFax, and Netflix. What's another good offer that'll complete within a day or two? I have all of my 5 referrals. I've been waiting for my eFax offer to go through and since they took it down, I don't know if it'll go through...And I'm very impatient.


05-11-2004 14:35:58

How much time did it took from signup to credit using Netflix?


05-11-2004 14:49:02

the correct form is TAKE



05-11-2004 17:00:23

I didn't do Netflix for the free sites. I did the Blockbuster one for and efax for mp3players4free. So I can't do those again. I'm thinking about doing the one. Anyone know how that is?


05-11-2004 17:45:23

can you do an offer for, then do the same offer for a site?