What stores carry the Archos av420/480?

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05-11-2004 09:51:45

Hey guys, I was wondering if y'all knew of any stores which actually sold the av420 and 480.... when I went to Circuit City and Best Buy earlier this week neither of them had it. I just want to see the archos face-to-face to see if I like it.

Thanks a lot.


05-11-2004 14:52:43



06-11-2004 10:44:15

i think walmart has it


07-11-2004 14:44:33

i went to walmart... they don't have it. does anyone else know where they might sell the archos pvp's? i mean... has anyone actually held the archos in their hands?


07-11-2004 15:25:46

CompUSA sells them. We have one on display at my work. They're very light-weight and have a beautiful screen.


08-11-2004 21:55:07

alright i just found out that walmart supercenters have the archos av420 but not the 480, which is only online at www.walmart.com. this is what my plan's gonna be.... return my freeipod and archos av420 to the walmart supercenter to get credit and buy the archos av480. do y'all think that should work?