I ordered my ipod! 11/4

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04-11-2004 20:20:45

I just ordered this morning! Took 1 week to get all refs (actually got 6) Took about 3 days to clear. Here is the picture to prove it
http//www.geocities.com/moleproject5/orderplace.jpg[" alt=""/img70e5c2bb5d]


04-11-2004 20:35:31

Sweet! Congrats. I'm only one referral away from my free mp3player. I think I'll go w/ the iriver.



04-11-2004 20:54:33

I have like 15 yellows and no greens...it sucks


04-11-2004 20:55:37

i placed an order on 11/02-- and my order is now "processing"



04-11-2004 21:24:17

i am 11/1 processing. hopefully it will change to shipped soon.


04-11-2004 21:29:54

I have 1 completed and 23 yellow... I'm still gonna stick with it though cuz I got the offer done by going through ebay. All I have to do now is wait for 4 more people! On photo iPod I have 5 completed!