Mother of God - In review for mp3players4free

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29-11-2005 13:05:58

Hmm,... lets see, I started mp34free in September of 2004, finshed an offer in Jan. of 2005, and have since waited patiently for more refs. I got my sister to do an OOD for me on Nov. 6, and today I just checked my status and I am in F-ING REVIEW!!! FFFIIINNNAAALLLLLLYYYYY. I will probably kill someone if I don't get my money. I have had 2 DQ'ed refs, 1 for a legit reason, 1 for a bogus reason. Anyway, I'm in review and I am a happy man. Any idea how long review usually takes? I will be super pissed if I get DQ'ed. One more quick question, my sister signed up for the Startlogic webhosting offer on Nov. 6 and it was a 30-day money back guaruntee, so I need to cancel by the 5th. Should I just cancel it now or wait and see if I go through review? TIA


30-11-2005 19:56:03

just wait and see


02-12-2005 00:17:27

good luck...


03-12-2005 06:52:41

Ok. well I have been in review since tuesday night and today is saturday morning so thats like almost 4 days. I [if9446dc112]think[/if9446dc112] this is a good sign? I have heard that the longer it takes to review, the less DQs you get or you actually get the money! Last time I was in review, one ref got DQed about 2 hours after I started review. So anyways, Im still optimistic.


05-12-2005 12:47:40

Ok, been almost a week now and still nothing. Is this normal?


05-12-2005 16:43:36



08-12-2005 18:16:59

Ok. So, I was approved on 12/5 and I placed my order that night for $275 paypal. Today is 12/8 and I am hoping I get my money soon. Anyone know how long it usually takes? I've heard of people getting put on hold even after they placed their order, hope that doesn't happen to me. Anyways, here is my timeline

10/24/2004 - Signed up for mp3players4free
1/5/2005 - Completed my block buster offer
5/?/2005 - Went into review for first time. 1 ref DQed
11/6/2005 - My 5th ref did an offer
12/2/2005 - Got credit for my last ref. Went into review
12/5/2005 - Approved, placed order

sssooo, a year and almost 2 months to complete mp3players4free not bad not bad . . .


08-12-2005 18:55:53

Wow I though I dragged out doing mp3players4free.
I started in April and finished 2 months ago.


09-12-2005 15:37:07

Still haven't received payment. Seems like its kinda takin' a long time . . . I thought OC paid quickly.


09-12-2005 15:55:14

Don't worry they take their time paying, but you will be paid. Its the sweetest moment when that e-mail comes saying it came.