Really Frustrating

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04-11-2004 15:59:04

I recently completed my requirements and got 8 referrals for my mp3players4free account and after waiting 2 days to get approved Ive been "disqualified" so i emailed them and they sent me a message saying

Your account has been disqualified because you have multiple accounts which
appear to be from the same household. This account is not up for further

This is really frustrating because i am positive i do not have more than one account. Anyone have any ideas. If this is how they are going to treat customers/people then I'm gonna praise gratis because in my opinion that is totally rude and a false accusation


04-11-2004 16:46:32

does anyone here on this forum have any relation or contact information to offercentric because i really wanna pursue this, which makes cheated in this position. thank you for your help.


04-11-2004 17:00:41

email them and say that a few of your referrals probably signed up twice under you and say that you cant control what those people do. Ask them if they could just like take one of the referrals away or something. Worked for my friend ).


04-11-2004 18:19:20

thank you for tellin me, it really made me angry that they did that, ill try that, i hope they dont ignore my emails bcuz them sayin its not up for discussion makes me worried.


05-11-2004 20:27:55

new update, they have now stopped replying to my emails, this really ticks me off because i expected better customer service from them than just, "your SOL too bad, stop emailing us". i did everything honestly and if one of my referrals did something wrong, then ill do get another one complete. if anyone could help me out in any way, i would appreciate it. thank you.