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04-11-2004 14:08:28

I got home today was was happy to see that my fifth referral was in place......thanks ppl who helped me! D shock anyways...i hadn't even click any type of verify button, yet it said

"You have completed your requirements to receive your FREE gift!
Because we take fraud very seriously, we are reviewing your account for any activity which may be suspicious.

We will notify you via email with your updated status"

shock Is this a bit odd? Did anyone have to click verify on their own? cuz i dont see a button....i thought it was like FIP where u have to ask them to validate it this rate, how would anyone get a free gift with their free item?...not that i will be doing that. 8)


04-11-2004 15:11:38

the same thing happened with mine. i got my fifth referral and now it's being approved. i guess they do it automatically, but i kinda wanted the free gift so how does that work, i wonder?


04-11-2004 15:26:31

If your account gets approved they give you the option of checking out only with your mp3 player or wait until you fulfill all the requirements to check out with the bonus gift also. You will have to be verified 2 times if you choose a bonus gift. When you hit 5 greens and when you hit 7 greens and have 2 offers completed.

xXx My Story xXx

04-11-2004 15:42:32

dont wanna risk trouble by going for that free have to ask more ppl and that would be a pain in the azz.....


04-11-2004 16:56:42

i dont think 2 more referrals is worth the bonus item.


04-11-2004 16:58:02

plus completing another offer... just go buy the bonus item for cheap on ebay or something.