got all 10 VERIFYING NOW!

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04-11-2004 08:54:12

You have completed your requirements to receive your FREE gift!
Because we take fraud very seriously, we are reviewing your account for any activity which may be suspicious.

We will notify you via email with your updated status.



04-11-2004 09:24:22



04-11-2004 11:29:01

let us know when you hear back from them.....

also, does the approval start automatically once you get 10 referrals?
if so, how does it work if you want to get the bonus gift and are trying to get 2 more? do they go thru an approval stage again?

thanks a bunch.


05-11-2004 10:42:09

yeah my approval started automatically, didn't have to click anything. I heard a reply from the email I sent them and they said that around early next week I should be able to place the order and get shipped etc.


05-11-2004 13:41:44

Congrats bro )


08-11-2004 10:35:21

its monday I wonder how early this week they'll approve me..