new OfferCentric deal: cameras4free

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04-11-2004 01:37:26

everything is in the title except this please create a new section on the forum!

as usual and as people who know me know, you can PM me for more details about this new deal.


04-11-2004 05:44:21

I just signed up at Ioth's site and he has proven with other congas that they provide a lot of traffic and referrals. Wish I would have signed up for his congas in the past and not gotten stuck in someone else's dead conga.


04-11-2004 06:26:59

I know a site with good congas but I'm not gonna risk putting the link PM me

By the Way, its not some wack conga that only has 1 person in it and disappears once the first person is finished.


04-11-2004 09:01:33 is down for me, but all of their other sites are up. anyone else have this problem?


04-11-2004 12:05:32

10th37 and all the mods for that conga (also justintime32) you guys are doing a great job with your freephotoipods and congas!

if you still haven't signed up yet guys, ask me or 10th37 for the conga link...its crazy!