Referral Limit?

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03-11-2004 13:35:31

Is there a limit on the number of referrals you can get? I posted my link on my site, and the first day or two, I got about 90 yellows. However, since then (it has been about a week), I have not gotten any more yellows. Do they have a cap on the number of referrals or something? People are constantly signing up from my site, so I know that its not a problem from my side.


03-11-2004 14:55:36

i dont think anyone knows the answer to this, which is probably why nobody has answered you. i'm going to make the assumption that 90 yellows is ALOT of referrals for one person to have and it may be possible that they have set a limit on this.

if i were you, i wouldn't be worrying about getting more yellows. i'd be worrying about getting 1/18th of the people signed up underneath you to complete a referral (1/15th if you're going for the bonus gift)!!! this probably shouldnt be very difficult to do.


03-11-2004 15:53:12

wow.....we have a referral-hog here my friends, lol


04-11-2004 09:33:18

Yeah, I'm just surprised that it stopped at 90 because for FreeiPods, I had a couple hundred. I guess I'll just be impatient. I ended up getting TOO MANY greens on freeiPods anyway (10 instead of 5), so maybe I should just wait it out. I guess its people like me that keeps these companies up and running D


04-11-2004 15:32:42

What kind of website do you have that gets THAT many visitors who are willing to sign up for these free sites??? I seriously would like to know, because you seem to have it all figured out...I mean, i struggle to get 5 or 10 referrals and you easily get hundreds? Daaannng...what is your secret?


04-11-2004 15:33:42

Ha, I'm struggline getting past 2 completed. You mind posting my link up ;)


05-11-2004 03:52:28

I don't think they limit it. One guy said he had over 1000 yellows. He was probably either lying or spamming people....


07-11-2004 21:35:10

Maybe it's because I have not yet completed an offer? I dont know. That guy that got 1000, was that on mp3players4free or on freeiPods?


07-11-2004 23:56:54

I really doubt there is a limit. Every referral you get past the 5 you need is a chance at extra money for them. Because those 90 people can't sign up again, they will only have to pay for your one mp3 player for all that advertising. Many of those 90 might eventually turn green months after you finsished which is just gravy to them ;). Maybe their tracking "script" just caps out at 90? Maybe not intentional but they might have just figured no one would get that many...just a guess though lol.

The only thing I could see it causing concern is that they may think you spammed your link or something. But a quick explanation that you posted it on your own site should clear that up if it were to be a problem.

If you haven't gotten enough greens out of that I would definitely email those 90 and ask them if they have any questions/concerns and if they need help choosing which offers to complete. Something caused them to not continue on after the signup and if you can figure it out you will be doing very well. Also mentioning the new cash options in case they missed it heheh ;). Don't forget those are all people you could try to ask to signup for your other referral links in the futrue too ;).

Any chance of "selling/dontating" space on your site for others to have thier links displayed to get some extra yellows too?


08-11-2004 11:37:24

I personally have 101 yellow... Only 4 green though pisses me off. I expect more green today. Im hoping for 12 cuz I would really like those E2c's but I dont want em enough to have to wait longer...