A couple of questions....please help

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03-11-2004 13:19:20

Do you guys know if you can still get credit for the Blockbuster On line offer if someone signs up, but doesn't add any movies to their queue? Cause someone signed up for me, but then decided not to receive any movies cause there wasn't any they want to rent right now.

And do you guys know what happened to eFax? The offer disappeared off of my offers page, and it was still pending. Thanks for any help.


03-11-2004 13:31:48

yea.... what did happen to eFax. my offer was pending too.


03-11-2004 21:20:52



03-11-2004 21:38:51

I think all you have to do for the Blockbuster offer is stay on the trial for 2 weeks.

You should still get credit if your referral did the eFax offer.


03-11-2004 22:27:49

but the eFax offer was the one i did when i signed up and it was still pending, and now its gone from the offers list. I contacted them via the help section, but haven't heard anything from them yet, but i guess it takes a few days.


03-11-2004 22:47:56

If you completed the offer you should get credit no matter what.


03-11-2004 22:57:19

ok, cool