Problem with free offer on Need some help!

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18-11-2005 11:56:43

I'm trying to figure out how to sign up for stamps and get the free 4 week offer. I go to the website, all I can put in for info is my email and download the program. When I go to sign up in the program I don't seem to be signing up for the free offer, just the regular one and I can't seem to find anywhere to change the options. I must be doing something wrong, if you know what it is I'd appreciate some advice. Thanks!


18-11-2005 13:04:13

I signed up for the regular one. No problem and got credit in like 2 or 3 days.


18-11-2005 13:38:02

But do you get charged immediately? I want to try out the offer, so I'd rather pay when I know what the service is like. Pretty soon I'll do that, but if some else has any idea that would be great.


18-11-2005 14:35:37

You get charged after your trial ends.


18-11-2005 17:47:19

What he said. Their customer support is nice by the way, I dealt with them today.


18-11-2005 21:09:36

Yes, they are extremely nice and polite. Not pushy at all.


18-11-2005 21:12:38

I was on-hold for 25 minutes when I called them.


18-11-2005 21:15:07

Yes, very long hold wait, but there are very friendly.


18-11-2005 21:18:14

[quote86c06f030a="compuguru"]Yes, very long hold wait, but there are very friendly.[/quote86c06f030a]

oh, i'm not disputing that.