Ipod Photo added

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03-11-2004 11:59:12

Today they added the Ipod photo 40gb as a choice. This just makes it 10 times harder for everyone to decide. geeze hahah. just wanted to let everyone know.


03-11-2004 14:10:37

What are you talking about? Is there a 60gb photoipod as an option that I can't see for some reason?


03-11-2004 17:01:23

they need the new Sony vaio ones lol


03-11-2004 18:33:48

i heard about this too! this is good news cause people who wants to join a conga for the freephotoipods.com can just join the MUCH shorter pvp's congas. i was actually happy cause i already joined a pvp's conga and it seems like more people are learning that ipod photo is being offered-- so they're picking up. hehehehe wink



04-11-2004 01:09:47

wouldnt the archos still be better?