Would I get DQ'd?

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15-11-2005 23:36:01

Hey guys,

Was completing a swap with someone today and wanted to be timely so I registered for notebooks4free at work, and completed my offer when I got home (played some bingo ) )

Their TOS says this

[quote9d85eb8322](c). There may not be more than one account per household per OfferCentric web site. A household includes your mailing address, and may include your IP address. Joining an OfferCentric site using a shared computer or shared internet access such as those found at a school, place of business or public location is not advisable as this may result in you having the same IP address as other users which may lead to disqualification. If you wish to join using a campus internet connection, please check to make sure you will have a unique IP address. We suggest that you use your own personal computer and internet service provider.[/quote9d85eb8322]

So, will they screw me over? Or am I cool as long as no one else at the office signs up?


16-11-2005 07:00:35

Its safe to say your all good but yeah...if someone else has signed up at your office, it might cause problems...but who knows! Good luck