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15-11-2005 17:45:26

Hey I have never done an OC site and I figured this is the best place to ask. I am thinking of doing a trade for a referral and that is the site I must complete. What kind of offers does OC have? Is it like Freepay or Transcendents? Freepay has mainly credit cards and not a huge selection but big companies and transcendents have a lot of offers, a lot of them are easy and free but smaller companies. Any help would be great because I don't want to start the trade and then have no good offers to complete or choose from. Thanks.


15-11-2005 17:48:48

When you have a only a few refs left to finish the sites, Offers of Doom appears. These offers are all casino/hosting offers which forces you to pay around $40 per ref. They barely ever manual credit and have been known to randomly DQ people.


15-11-2005 20:16:34

NOOOO. I am not going to complete the site. I am only going to sign up for someone as part of a trade for them signing up under me for I was asking what kind of offers they have for a first time sign up person like me.


15-11-2005 21:20:56

They have loads of offers avalible when the oods aren't showing, OC isn't half bad in my opinion - just a little lame.


16-11-2005 06:55:44

Alright sweet. I think I am going to sign up for that for a trade. What is an "ood"?


16-11-2005 06:58:49

OOD = Offers of Doom = Casino, hosting could be stuck doing one of those, you never know....


16-11-2005 09:18:26

Even if I just sign up fpr someone as a trade? I don't have any intention on finishing this site, just going green for someone so they can do my freedigitalcameras site. Even then, I may be stuck doing an ood? (I got the lingo now) 8)


16-11-2005 19:57:41

You get OOD when the person is on the last 2 or 3 of their referrals, depending on the site. I would contact the trader and find out how many refs he already has for that site.


17-11-2005 09:47:30

Alright, I just asked them how many referrals they have under them and they said "2, so 18 more to go!" I should be fine signing up under them and should get a bunch of good offers to choose from right? If not, then I don't want to sign up under them because I haven't done an OC site before and I just hope the offers are good to choose from.