Clearing Time

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02-11-2004 15:22:42

I am wondering how long it took for your order to get approved and for you to get an email updating your status (like it says) for mp3players4free if anyone knows.


02-11-2004 15:42:29

It took me exactly 3 days to go through the approval phase...
I read in another post that it takes about 2-3 days to ship you place your order.


02-11-2004 15:43:11

It took about 3 hours to get approved, and then about 2-3 days for me to get shipped. I was one of the earlier iRiver's getting shipped though. It is probably up to a week now to get shipped.


03-11-2004 16:53:41

wow thats really fast man, ur lucky. thanks for the replys and sorry i just realized this was kind of a second post. please dont ban me.