blockbuster , how long ?

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02-11-2004 12:01:35


somone did the blockbuster offer yesterday for me and its green now , but the other 2 persons who did it on saturday are not green yet!

how long did your Blockbuster offer take to turn green ?

damn it ... i want those two so bad!


02-11-2004 13:59:02

I have 5 or 6 people that claim to have completed the blockbuster offer but have not turned green. Some completed the offer aslong as a week ago and are still not approved. =(


03-11-2004 02:47:12

do you know if you can still get credit from blockbuster if the person who completed the offer doesn't put any movies in their queue? Thanks.


03-11-2004 22:19:42

I think it says that the Blockbuster offer takes 1 - 2 weeks.


03-11-2004 22:24:07

it was approved for me in a few days though when i did it to sign up.