Ok I'm going to start an account here.

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=2607

Eric P

01-11-2004 21:48:51

Since for some reason my freeipod.com account is on hold. Diligently working for 3 months to get 17 unique referrals and 5 that did a requirement with 3 more on the way, I'm too devastated to have my account on hold. So while I wait, which maybe a long time, to get this mess resolved offercentric looks like a good legit site.


01-11-2004 21:59:01

You could sign up under me...but Im not a part of a conga...


01-11-2004 22:29:18

i know what you mean about freeipods.com-- i have ALMOST the exact thing with my account. too hard to look for people who haven't joined it- i think. go ahead and join a conga. it's a good idea-- i joined one and i got my 5 referrals in about a day or 2 when my link was up. it was great! my account has actually been approve. i'm just looking for 1 more person so i can get the free bonus gift.


Eric P

02-11-2004 13:20:49

Thanks everyone for the quick response. Specatculous, I'll do the one you sent me. Thanks again everyone for the massive amount of pm's, I learned a lot about congas. =)

I'm going to give gratis 1 week to respond to my post/email=s before I post a complaint on the BBB. I check back on these forums/websites before I post a complaint on the BBB. I check back on these forums/website/email at least 5 times everyday just to find no response. There is also no response on my post in the help section. This whole freeipod thing went from excitement and joy to utter disappointment since I'm unjustly put on hold. I hope offercentric does not put me on hold too for 5 ~LEGIT~ referrals.