Will Stamps and AOL still be on xbox360's? Will it go away?

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08-11-2005 21:10:13

I have a question. I'm deciding to choose to persue free360xbox.com,or xbox360s4free.com to get money for when the xbox comes out this month.

Freepay doesn't have OOD's right?

But I've kinda liked Offercentric because they have more than one free offer.

So my question is Once I start completing the site, will stamps, aol, and the other free offers go away?



08-11-2005 21:13:17

Yes, xbox3604free has Offers Of Doom probably for the last 2-3 referrals or so. Not that bad though because bingo offers are nice.


09-11-2005 04:57:01

o ok. So what's the bingo offers exactly? And does freepay have any OOD? If not, efax sounds good i think. Thx