FlatScreen4Free.com - Approved & PAYPAL Received

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07-11-2005 16:00:50

I was approved (less than ONE day ago) and I got PAYPAL today.

I was placed on Hold for about 3 months - my account is 5 or 6 months old BUT finally today I got PAYPAL

http/" alt=""/img358.imageshack.us/img="358/8554/paymentoc3nb.png[" alt=""/img9277cd3527]

NOTE PAYPAL didn't charge me ANY fees, I don't know why shock


07-11-2005 16:05:00

How long did it take for the shipment?


07-11-2005 16:08:33

[quotea636cfed96="Averagejoe1039"]How long did it take for the shipment?[/quotea636cfed96]

LESS than [ba636cfed96]ONE day[/ba636cfed96]

- 5 Months to finish the site
- 3 months placed on HOLD
- 4 DQ's
- Approval took 7-8 days
- MONEY in [ba636cfed96]LESS than ONE[/ba636cfed96] day after placing order.

The problem with my account was OFFERS OF DOOM (thats why it took me 5 months) and becuase my account was placed on hold for 3+ months


07-11-2005 16:31:37

Thats awesome, glad you resolved the hold and congrats on your money.