WHOA! OC available to Canada and UK!?!?!??!?!!

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06-11-2005 09:09:17

what when did this happen!?!?!


06-11-2005 10:15:51

about a week ago maye 5 days its great for any of you who live in the U.K or canada


06-11-2005 16:22:39

they did this bc they are loosin so much business in the US and canada that they have to find someone else to screw over


16-11-2005 11:03:12

i was happy when i fouynd ouyt about this too but iv also just found obout these offers of, doom, it sucks how they do that


16-11-2005 12:14:42

Someone is the UK signed up under me and the only offers they can see are the OOD...and they were my first referral! I think they are really out to screw the UK!