IP, colleges, how is OC on this?

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02-11-2005 14:43:21

all of my friends/refs are signing up at college campuses (hmm, i wonder why)

well anyways i was wondering if they care. i mean they do have similar IP addresses but they are different no doubt. and they are all different computers


02-11-2005 19:32:26

i ticketed them about this becuz one of my refs couldnt do gamblings sites from college, they said its ok but ill see if they dq him cuz im in review


03-11-2005 17:22:09

k, thanks, please let me know what happens either here or via PM

i would greatly appreciate it


06-11-2005 16:14:21

more than likely theyll put ur account on hold, but if the IPs are different on the computers they wont. if they are the same IPs they will def dq ur account because they dont know if u just created users and completed offers urself


12-11-2005 08:06:50

well they should be different because they are all different computers, and it is a college campus so there are no proxies (i've checked on mine and there isn't at least)

so hopefully i don't get put on hold