What can i do now?!

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01-11-2004 04:38:39

Hey guys... I got a problem... I signed up for mp3players4free, but I didn't know that I had to sign up under someone in order to join a conga line. None of my friends are into this free online stuff...they just think its a scam... so how can I join a conga without signing up under the first person? Is there any way to join one at this point of time? I hope so... thanks,



01-11-2004 17:58:36

No. You didn't help advance the line, so you will not be allowed to join one.


01-11-2004 18:01:51

suck... how do I get referals now S crap...


01-11-2004 18:03:41

You don't have 5 friends?


01-11-2004 19:38:56

i am in this position with freeipods.com. i have TONS of yellows and no green becuase my friends think its a scam and arent willing to give out their cc#'s. unfortunately, joining a conga at this point will be difficult. you might be able to find a site that has multiple congas running and sign up for a different conga and ask the moderator to place you on the mp3players4free conga.


01-11-2004 19:45:03

Thanks!, yeah, i have 5 friends... but they don't go for stuff like this... I'll try the gonga thing... maybe it'll work... Anyways I got a free ipod on the way... I was just getting greedy going for a iriver and an itrip... so i might just forget the whole mp3player4free thing, and just buy an itrip and call it good D whatever... thanks guys


01-11-2004 23:03:25

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