How often do they ship out?!

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02-11-2005 09:49:14

Ive been at "Order Placed" since the 17 / Just seems like they are taking thier sweet time. I just want to get my damn macmini and NEVER deal with these guys again (


06-11-2005 16:21:24

I can't tell u how glad it makes me to hear u say that!

they actually usually ship out pretty fast im a little shocked, watch them change ur status from "order placed" to "on hold", they did it to me


09-11-2005 19:25:49

Great! thats not what i wanted to hear at all. Well so far they have been pretty nice to me (only had two DQ's and i guess i can belive that they didnt do them correctly) I e-mailed them on sunday night and got a e-mail monday morning saying that they were going to be sending all thier orders to the vendor that day im at STV /