can you cancel?

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31-10-2004 18:50:41

i signed up for this thing, but haven't completed any offers and i have no referrals. i want to rejoin under a conga, is this possible?


31-10-2004 18:56:42

no, it says right in the faq that you cant cancel your mp3players4free account.


31-10-2004 19:03:09

You just abandon the account and that's it


31-10-2004 19:40:58

But you can't sign back up.


31-10-2004 20:21:41

i think the deal is that as long as you dont complete an offer w/ both accounts you should be ok.


31-10-2004 22:04:24

You could try to just not use the account and then sign up again but it's clearly against the T&C's. With some people got away with that or just emailed customer service and they excused it. But there's no guarantee you can get away with it so you have to decide if it's worth the risk.

I'd say just be patient and keep trying to convince your friends and family. Most likely if you join a conga either

a) it will not go anywhere
b) you'll be too far down and it'll never get to you



01-11-2004 00:44:11

Q. Can I delete my account or change who I signed up under?

A. No. If you no longer wish to use your account you simply abandon it. You cannot delete your account, change who you signed up under or transfer offer credits.


13-02-2005 22:51:51

you cant join a penis unless you have used the link in the penis to sign up .