which offer is easy to cancel?

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30-10-2004 19:01:14

I did the video professor for freeipods.com, even it was an instant credit, but I found it was hard to cancel and you have to pay 6 bucks too.
Which of the offers are easy to cancel for mp3players4free.com? and which of them are instant?


30-10-2004 19:20:43

I heard Blockbuster is easy to cancel.


31-10-2004 06:27:03

aol 9.0 optimized


31-10-2004 06:28:50

blockbuster. u cancel online without anyone hassleing you D


31-10-2004 09:45:21

[quote6ce6c6656e="snak3y3z1001"]blockbuster. u cancel online without anyone hassleing you D[/quote6ce6c6656e]
really? how long time do you have to remain membership in order to get the credit?


31-10-2004 11:01:01

i got credit the in like 2 days. i then canceled from there


31-10-2004 19:00:20

use blockbuster you cancel instantly online no hassle at all. AOL is a motherlililililili to cancel because the reps. are just a pain to deal with


31-10-2004 19:26:45

Damn...I did the AOL one...ONce you get credit for it you can call and cancel it right? Ill show those AOL reps whats up...


31-10-2004 23:28:43

speaking of blockbuster, i went online and it states that you can only cancel over the phone- how are people doing it online?


01-11-2004 00:45:54

My credit card didn't go through on blockbuster for some reason...weird


01-11-2004 04:38:35

ya , my CC didn't work on blockbuster either, it said the expiration date was wrong. but it wasn't


01-11-2004 05:12:02

I seem to remember we couldn't talk about cancelation matters for the Gratis deals. Is it any different for these deals? If so, is that just because there's no OfferCentric Harry lurking around here?


01-11-2004 10:01:43

God damn...I just got credit for my AOL offer, so I called them up. SUCH A BITCH TO CANCEL!!!. She talked on the phone with me for like 15 minutes before i was like...''PLEASE LET ME CANCEL NOW", then she got all pissy and was mean to me. AOL SUCKS


01-11-2004 12:04:40

just say, its none of your business, and i don't want it shut the fuck up and cancel my damn trial