Same IP but different CC and Address

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30-10-2004 15:57:36

I had some ppl at work sign up under me and prolly used the same IP, do you think they will place my account on hold? The CC's and Address are different... ?


30-10-2004 16:56:49

Most likely you are going to get put on hold... But I don't really know about mp3players4free...


30-10-2004 17:12:39

anyboyd know about this for


30-10-2004 17:31:13

its most likly just like Gratis. If you do get put on hold, email them about the same network thing.


03-11-2004 15:18:46

it's in the T&C's
2. Registration

(a). A user may only have 1 account per household per OfferCentric LLC site. A household includes a mailing address, and may include your IP address.

the network thing is a good idea and probably is worth trying, but i think they'll still be able to tell that the last 3 digits in the IP's of both accounts are identical...


05-11-2004 10:58:59

I did the same thing and it worked for me.