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29-10-2004 19:31:45

If you want to know the policy for any of the Offer Centric websites, please browse your way to each site's FAQ page and all your questions should be answered. If you have any questions that aren't answered there, please feel free to post them to our forums here and we'll answer them as quickly as possible. Thanks

thomas moore

24-02-2005 16:11:29

Q Are all the offers the same for OC sites?


29-07-2005 12:03:00

sticky from a guest? am i missing something?


29-07-2005 15:55:43

[quoted6ec950daf="hedwig_da_owl"]sticky from a guest? am i missing something?[/quoted6ec950daf] yeah same here.


29-07-2005 18:04:58

It was obviously an admin or moderator that made a sticky and the person was banned and removed from the board.


27-04-2006 01:02:41

wen is OC going 2 update there cameras???


27-04-2006 15:56:17

[quote29d64a556e="LaFlame"]wen is OC going 2 update there cameras???[/quote29d64a556e]

supposedly OC updates every site exactly every two months. i think all sites should do that too.


21-07-2006 10:24:30

i'm doing notebooks4free and wonder how long it takes to verify and ship an item ??