up for review on notebooks!

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=24940


24-10-2005 13:02:49

takes a big breath

i CAN NOT WAIT to get my status!

took me 'bout a year to finish this damn site!

hopefully i will see an order link in a few days....

be merciful oh great OC, be merciful

"i'm a winner, maybe"


24-10-2005 13:42:44

If it's your first time up for review, be prepared for a couple DQs.. Good luck though!


24-10-2005 14:55:07

Good luck. I'm crossing my fingers too on mp3players4free, went in for review on thurs/friday.


24-10-2005 19:08:41

i didn't have any dq's on my first and only review )


24-10-2005 21:37:33

I had no dq's either on macminis4free )


24-10-2005 21:49:09

[quote79b22c7cbf="stockmanjr"]I had no dq's either on macminis4free )

I was under review 3 times for flatscreens4free.com (1 DQ each time) getting my last green now.


01-11-2005 05:00:20

welp... im STILL in review....

isn't that a good thing though?

i think i remember reading on here that someones review was only 2-3 days, but they had a lot of DQs...

so... maybe since they are taking a long time, i wont have as many DQs (which I shouldn't have any.. but seeing how OC has been..) ??

bleh, who knows really i guess... i just HATE THE WAIT


01-11-2005 06:57:45

I wish I had your problem buddy. Good luck. )


01-11-2005 06:58:31

By the way, how many yellows did you have at the end?


01-11-2005 11:08:35

i have 15 yellows


07-11-2005 08:37:53

well... im no longer in review, one of my refs got DQed, from "invalid proxy"

...will update once i get another referral..