Is a donation worth it?

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29-10-2004 18:04:20

I have pvp and iriver accounts and have been having trouble getting referrals who actually complete offers. I found this site and Im just wondering how much success you guys have had with donations. Is having the link up for a day enough to get all the referrals? Which do you suggest I put up, the pvp one or iriver one? I figure if I have a chance at getting 10 referrals in a day with the donation, Id just put up my pvp link. So, any suggestions?


29-10-2004 18:48:45

dont donate thinking you will get referrals. donate if you want ot "donate". plus ur link will be rotating with 4 others. so gluck .


29-10-2004 19:01:22

I understand its not guaranteed, but it would be nice to know if there is a good chance of getting referrals out of it. About how many hits, on average, does this site generally get a day?


31-10-2004 17:02:05

i donated b/c this place keeps me occupied while waiting for my ipod. Thanks freeeipodguide!

I did get a couple of yellows, but no greens.