anyone get 10 referrals yet?

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29-10-2004 12:46:44

hey, is anyone past the first stage of actually getting 10 referrals? if so, have you gotten approved? and how long did that take?

i guess nobody's actually received their pvps and have photo proof, right?



29-10-2004 13:05:15

I currently have 7 completed referrals. I should have 10 by Monday, hopefully!

Good Luck!


30-10-2004 08:33:14

7 here too - 2 have completed offers and should show up on monday as well


30-10-2004 15:51:58

I have 28 pending yellow, 7 green (after next update) though I know I should have reached 10 green by now!


31-10-2004 09:33:26

how'd you get that many so fast?


31-10-2004 10:55:35

[quote203b20962d="mwg3c"]how'd you get that many so fast?[/quote203b20962d]

seriously man...


01-11-2004 22:10:53

hey soldiery, did you get 10 referrals yet?

Eric P

01-11-2004 22:14:12

you wanna know what's funny?
I have 6 referrals completed on and 3 more that are on long term requirements like 4week they did it cause they were actually interested not to just refer me. I shoulda just done the pvp one. sigh


09-11-2004 14:33:22

I got 12 last thursday or so and place my order then. I heard they massed shipped on tuesdays but i havent gotten a tracking # yet =/ all this suspense is KILLING meee


09-11-2004 14:54:40

got 4 completed


09-11-2004 16:19:34

I have 7 too... My GF did blockbuster 3 days ago and still hasnt gone green... Im guessing that there are others that did that offer too since it seems to be the best one on there in my opinion... Cancel online... Free for 2 weeks... 2 instore rental coupons... Cant go wrong with that...


25-01-2005 18:25:09

I got none so far. How do you guys get so many? cry


16-02-2005 18:07:06

[quotecfc1bc46cf="FFG"]I got none so far. How do you guys get so many? cry[/quotecfc1bc46cf]

Me too..... (


16-02-2005 18:53:33

I've got 2.


16-02-2005 22:29:31

i've got zero.
probably cause i cant even trade >_<
conga's dont work in my opinion
i think the easy way is to trade or pay for referals


16-02-2005 22:48:13

penis's dont work in my opinion
The last time I checked my conga worked... Pm me if you want to get on it lol



17-02-2005 17:35:26

^ewww lmao, no thanks