I just shipped!!!

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29-10-2004 07:01:14

I just shipped this morning for the Iriver!!!!

I have a tracking number and everything.

shock shock shock shock


29-10-2004 08:48:42

Nice! I just got up to 8 refs last night... all reliable ppl, so they should be completing any time now... D


29-10-2004 09:22:41

I shipped last night, and it's out for delivery now! D



29-10-2004 11:17:46

yea, me too. They are using UPS, and I am scheduled for November 2nd delivery! I've gotten an Offercentric item shipped before a Gratis item, and I've been STV for Gratis for a long time now.

It's ok though. I have the patience, since this stuff is free!


29-10-2004 12:20:09

soldiery, how long did it take to get approved? I got my last referal this morning, and it says i'm going through approval... i guess i missed todays shipping cuttoff... doh!


29-10-2004 12:51:14

They actually approved my account the same day I completed all my requirements. It does take about 2-3 days for it to actually ship once the order is placed though. It is a very fast process.


29-10-2004 12:56:59

did you have to do anything once you had your five referals? or does it "Request approval" automaticly?


29-10-2004 13:06:48

It requested approval automatically, I think.


29-10-2004 13:12:08

ahhh.. i was approved yesterday.. and aint shipped yet ( .. you know what are the stages? I'm at Order placed right now..


29-10-2004 14:37:28

It stayed at order placed for 2-3 days. Then it ships. You get an email, and a tracking number once they ship it out.

Good Luck!